Winch Trucks

When you have equipment and supplies that must be transferred from one lease to another, or from one area to another on a lease, a winch truck is a necessity. Equipped with huge trailers and powerful engines, winch trucks are excellent at hauling a large variety of oilfield equipment. From gear for hydraulic fracturing to whole drilling rig relocation, the versatility of a good winch truck is absolutely vital to the success of your drilling operation.

ASI Oilfield has a full line of tri-axle and tandem winch trucks, with live roll trombone tri-axle trailers and scissor-neck tri-axle trailers available. Our commitment to safety and maintenance ensures you receive the most reliable and dependable service.

Winch Truck Services & Applications

Fully equipped to haul over-dimensional loads, our trucks are ready to move your equipment and supplies whenever you need. Each of our trucks is operated by an experienced driver, fully trained in hazard recognition and assessment as well as safe driving practices.